Graham Dawson is an Equine Facilitator that might be simply defined as a ‘horse whisperer for humans’. He works with horses and humans to help them understand and develop emotions and behaviours that will allow them to develop the skills and resources they require to make progress in their personal and business life. The process is known as Equine Facilitated Learning which is a novel and powerful method of experiential learning based on interactions with horses.


Graham will explain how this process works across a very broad spectrum of topics and issues ranging from leadership to personal relationships and wellbeing and how it is equally applicable for young people and Chief Executives. In management terminology, a horse might be defined as ‘500kg of instantaneous, non-judgemental feedback mechanism’. He works regularly with senior executives and teams from large organisations, as well as helping young and disadvantaged people develop emotional resilience.
Graham’s first career was in the Army where he rode horses competitively but stopped when his ‘star’ ride retired. After leaving the Army and working in project management and management consultancy he trained as a coach and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner before being enticed back into the equine world. He will talk about the power and application of Equine Facilitated Learning as a process illustrating it with anonymised accounts of the benefit it has delivered.